The Dream of every Skincare product Formulator is to formulate highly effective products that delivers. This can be achieved not only by acquiring the desired skills but also by Using 100% Original Natural Ingredients.

Welcome to GOGLITTERNATURALS, Your formulation journey begins with Us, Because our primary assignment is to source 100% original natural ingredients for you.

Nigeria's Leading Supplier of 100% Skincare Raw Materials

Looking for high-quality Skincare Raw Materials at competitive market prices for your beauty product?, you have found your source.

We are one of Nigera’s leading skincare ingredients supplier with over 300 products, which includes Botanical extracts, Herbal powders, Actives, 100% pure Essential Oils, Butters, Clays,  Fragrant Oils, Carrier Oils, Emulsifiers, Preservatives and lots more.

Goglitternaturals is becoming one of the preferred supplier of skincare ingredients to many leading skincare brands in the Country. 

Our picks

Cocoa Powder

#500 – #10000

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With Quality and 100% natural ingredients being our primary assignment. We dedicate our service to sourcing ingredients from only reliable and transparent manufacturers


We provide honest affordable prices without compromising product quality.


We are dedicated and always ready to provide each of our customers with industry leading customer service in every aspect of the order. Customers are all we’ve got.